Old man’s getting some action.

In what was probably quite surprising reveal, Blizzard has announced that Diablo’s famous NPC Deckard Cain is going to enter the Nexus to fight for… reasons in Blizzard-fest MOBA known as Heroes of the Storm. The elderly scholar comes equipped with varius ways of helping his team. He can throw healing potions, he can use AoE slow effects (via Horadric Cube), and ever rooting them in place. You can see the full presentation of his abilities in the video below.

In a very cheeky acknowledgement, Blizzard made his iconic line “Stay a while and listen” into an ultimate sleep-inducing power, which seems rude to the old man, but also quite amusing for everyone else.

Deckard Cain isn’t available quite yet, but is expected to enter public servers this month.