Brace yourselves.

Blizzard apparently had a busy time lately. After pushing on with a patch for a 16-year-old game, now they reveal that their MOBA-like Heroes of the Storm is going to get a voice chat.

Because apparently the team decided they have too much time and took the Overwatch team’s approach to staying occupied. To be fair, though, there is a bunch of safeguards put in place, like the one that automatically mutes a player that has been reported to be abusive without having to ban them immediately. That’s not a terrible way to do this.

Joking aside, it was perhaps long time coming, and having a faster communication in this genre is crucial. Then again, HotS has done well enough without for several years. Time will tell how it goes.

The full release can be read here, and if the game doesn’t explode from the sudden burst of profanity, will still be playable using Blizzard’s own platform.