Stealth games always struggled with the lopsided nature of a stealth mission: common sense would have it that if you get found out, the jig is just up. The end. But the creators of Hitman 2 may have come with a solution.

I mean I’m not sure how innovative that ‘picture within a picture’ feature really is, I vaguely remember it from other Hitman games, but maybe I’m wrong. But it’s not an unwelcomed feature, although I wish this goes hand in hand with improving the AI. It has historically not been great in Hitman games, is all I’m saying.

I’m not sure how this will work in real time though. And for the longest time I was wondering if it would be possible to “mess up” in a very creative way, to actually make the mission easier in some respects. Like humor me for a second and imagine this: you’re in the Colombian jungle. You don on some leathers and start killing the guards with a club (or a very big fish). You’re caught on camera, but they’re not looking for you, they’re looking for the Swamp Thing now.

Creatively hilarious? Absolutely. Possibly a feature that could be in Hitman 2? Probably not. But I remain hopeful that one of these days the formula will be perfected to where that is a reality.