Some time ago we saw the busy and colorful stage of Miami, but now we got something different for you. Observe.

Near as I can tell, we haven’t seen an environment like this in a Hitman game since the Colombian villa mission in Hitman 5. And back then the scale was obviously much smaller. While there isn’t a whole lot to show in the short trailer, the scale of the place looks absolutely massive. And you just know there’s gonna be videos where someone methodically kills every single guard there and stashes all of them in the same spot. When the cops find it the next day it’s gonna be like something straight out of Resident Evil 7.

And I swear to god, if I can climb trees and thus inject some of that Shadow of the Tomb Raider feel to this game, I will squeak with glee. Wonder if there’s some contextual environmental alligators to use for murder? Or better yet, can I run around the jungle half-naked and kill everyone with a fish like in that Miami trailer? The possibilities are endless!

Hitman 2 is scheduled for November the 13th, and you get the whole shabang at once, so that’s good.