Future content updates will be free and we’ve received a few fresh trailers as well.

A long time ago beta tests were an internal phase of games development. But with various new marketing methods in usage someone decided that it’s a great idea to introduce the players into the process. It was a domain of MMORPGs for a bit, but in the latest years it evolved into events of its own.

We’ve had grand betas for Destiny, The Division and other major titles. Now there’s a closed beta of For Honor on the way and Ubisoft’s marketing department prepared a full event to accompany those tests.

War of the Factions will track all multiplayer activity across all platforms in the closed beta launching January 2017.,” we read in the official description. There are rewards for everyone involved and a special bonus for the winning faction.

Embedded below you’ll find four new videos including the presentation of three new classes. As a side note, it’s worth mentioning that future maps and modes added to the game will be available for free. No comments about additional fighters, though.