Here’s the official list presented on Ubisoft forums.

For Honor debuts today. We’ve had a chance to present our impressions based on both the closed and open betas. The game is good – that’s clear. But even though we weren’t afflicted by any gameplay-destroying errors,  a bit of fixes and changes were implemented. Here’s the official list from


  • All countries around the Mediterranean Sea are now part of the European region.


  • Collisions improvements and fixes
  • Improved animations


  • Audio balancing fixes and improvements

User Interface

  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Fixed occurrences of major framerate drop
  • Improved flow in and out of the invitation menu
  • Multiple localization fixes

Additional Fixes

  • Stability fixes
  • Connectivity and matchmaking improvements
  • Metagame bug fixes and UI improvments
  • Hero Balancing (based on player feedback) – *** these changes were already implemented during Beta phases ***
  • Fixed minor issue with the round counter
  • General bug fixes