New classes, two additional maps and further content are coming next month.

If you are among those who somehow are still playing For Honor, and we expect that there’s a group of satisfied players with a season pass, a content update is coming soon. Season 2 titled Shadow and Might will start on May 16th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Two new classes will be added and they are described as follows:

  • Shinobi (Samurai Assassin) – The Shinobi are silent warriors able to move with a dancer’s grace and kill with precision thanks to a lifetime of disciplined training. They wield the traditional Japanese Kusarigama.
  • Centurion (Knight Hybrid) – The Centurion sees the battlefield like a chessboard. Equipped with the reliable standard issue gladius, Centurions can bypass enemy defenses through strategic close-quarters combat.

There’s a balance update planned for gear stats. Moreover, Epic gear will be added to the lists, making loot boxes much more intriguing (hopefully, not more pay-to-win…). All users can expect two new maps titled Forge and Temple Garde.

Update 1.06 that finishes Season 1 was released on PC and it should soon be available on consoles. It adds some already tested changes to the gameplay, including network stability.