Fortnite is coming to E3. We’ve known that much, it was fairly obvious that Epic would capitalize on its success, but it seems they’re planning to turn this into quite an event.

Epic has gathered 50 celebrities and Fortnite pros to attend their conference booth at LA’s Convention Center. These fine folks (the full list can be viewed on Fortnite’s page, if you want to check if your favs are thre) will compete in a grand event for 3 000 000 $, all paid towards charity events. I would say something to the effect of “that’s how you do a charity right”… Actually I will: that’s how you do a charity right!

Tickets for the event are available at 10$ for AL residents and there’s 3000 slots open. Moreover, at the event, anyone attending booth 2723 is eligible to win a ticket to the special Party Royale event hosted by Epic. Any applicant must be 18 years old and the party will take place on June 12th.

Now this, THIS is how you throw a party and thank the community for giving you the game deity status that you have. I am constantly astonished how Epic managed to consistently do everything right (suing children not withstanding of course). Hop on the bus and join the party.