Set your bolter to “Purge”.

Not long after the last Warhammer 40k announcement, a new game set in the awesomely ridiculous universe is out in the wild of Steam Early Access. Let’s all hope that Games Workshop’s shotgun licensing pays off, because we can’t live forever on Dawn of War, Battlefleet Gothic, and trying to get those 40k kills in Space Marine to qualify for an achievement.

This time the game is going to take way way back into the 30th millennium, when the infamous Horus Heresy was taking place. Calth was a place where the Ultramarines legion (the blue boy scouts) learned of Horus’ betrayal as soon as the Word Bearers, allied with the traitorious Warmaster, started pelting them with exploding shells from bolters.

This is the backdrop to the game, presented in a very simplified way.

The game itself is going to be a turn-based tactical affair in the vein of XCOM, with, oddly enough, VR support, so that you could get right there on the ground. Interesting choice.

Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth is out in Early Access currently, and is allegedly to be there for half a year or so, ironing out the kinks.