Folks, there’s a lot. And I’m already somewhat late to the party (I hate it when E3 starts on weekends) so lets get right to the chase.

E3 2018


Because I want to provide you with all the information available from every conference and main events, we’re gonna get lost. So here, in this convenient little space, I will gather all links to the specific articles on our site. This page will be progressively updated as we go on so check it often.

E3 events countdown (so we can all watch together). 

E3 EA’s conference.

E3 Microsoft’s conference- Part 1.

E3 Microsoft’s conference- Part 2.

E3 Bethesda’s conference.

E3 Square Enix conference.

E3 Ubisoft conference- Part 1.

E3 Ubisoft conference- Part 2.

E3 Sony conference.