Not long ago we’ve written about the new trailer exploring the Flame Hollow and showcasing the super deluxe editions of the game. Now IGN released a short clip of Fury fighting one of the 7 Deadly Sins—Wrath.

Now I have to mirror the sentiment prevalent in the comments—whoever played the game seemed to have no idea what they were doing. Wrath manages to punch Fury several times before the fight even starts and the player is forced to chew through 2 health potions in what seems to be a very easy and straight-forward fight. A pro at this kind of game they’re clearly not.

Nevertheless, the fight looks cool. Rather simplistic and the arena looks very empty, but the mechanics seem competent and finally hearing Fury with this aggressive, borderline sadistic attitude is certainly refreshing after War and Death, two very, very dry bois. Interesting to note as well- Fury has a Watcher of her own, much like War, but presumably they have better relationship than War had with his… Well, handler.

The game canonically takes place during War’s imprisonment so the war between the forces of Hell and Heaven is raging on as we can clearly see by Wrath dismembering angels for what Fury calls a “hobby”. Hey I agree girl, we all need one. Mine is hunting demons. I’m sure you and I will reach and understanding.