There’s also a character reveal for Firestorm if you wish to meet the latest addition to the roster.

Firestorm is the best Scorpion counterpart we’ll get in Injustice 2. Below you’ll find the gameplay presentation of this character – another after the introduction of Doctor Fate, Swamp Thing and the others.

But the more important matter is the topic of Source Crystals. That’s the in-game currency that you can pay for with totally real money. You will be able to buy vanity and cosmetic items, but not the Gear that changes stats of your characters. The worrying thing is the fact that you’ll use those Crystals to change the looks of items that have your preferred stats but wrong looks.

Source Crystals will be used as well to buy Premiere Skins that, for example, change Supergirl into Powergirl etc. What’s even worse, players will have a chance to use this currency to level up other fighters when one reaches Level 20. Doh.