There will be a lot of running through fully destructible environment.

If you didn’t immediately recognize the name of Iron Galaxy, it’s a well-skilled team behind Killer Instinct Season Three and various ports like console version of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and Vita release of Borderlands 2. Now the company is bringing its own IP to the videogaming table.

Extinction, as it is called, will release in Q1 of 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Here’s the story synopsis:

As far back as anyone can remember, humanity has been at war with itself. For generations, kingdoms have fought amongst themselves while the real threat loomed in the distance. Only those trained in the ways of the ancient order stand a chance at defeating the 150-foot-tall ogres and the armies that trail in their wake. You are one of the world’s last Sentinels, a soldier named Avil, equipped with the skills to battle the endless waves of Ravenii.

As you see from the description and the trailer below, your main task will be to defeat giant ogres. Iron Galaxy promises a skill-based combat system with destructible maps and various constructions useable to gain advantage.

The game will offer a full story campaign, with additional side quest to grab some useful upgrades. The “Innumerable Battle Scenarios” feature offers somehow randomized battlefields, and you can expect an editor to create custom battles. There’s also the Extinction Mode – a form of Horde Mode with waves of enemies.

A proper gameplay is expected to release during E3 2017.