Is there anything better than causing uncontrolled mayhem on a wide scale? Doing it together with other people.

Just Cause 3 has its share of problems, but it does one thing right – the feeling of freedom and the ability to chain together extra special events leading to chaos galore. The modding group nanos worked hard on transferring that onto a multiplayer experience and, as of now, we can enjoy their work fully.

The Multiplayer Mod is available from Steam as a separate, free-of-charge download and here’s a trailer for you:

“The JC3 Multiplayer Mod provides players access to different servers, each with unique characteristics. Offering a dedicated space for fans to enjoy modes such as Team Death Match, Free Roam, Custom Races, and more! Aside from enjoying the numerous modes that already exist, those proficient with javascript, html, css etc. can also alter the game’s parameters to create their very own modes. This can build anything they like, from simple vehicle enhancements, to more spectacular creations that can alter the JC3 world entirely.”

Sounds like it’s back to Just Cause 3 then.