It’s not quite rocket science, but it still requires some ‘splainin’. Also it’s impressive how I can’t think of a working pun between ‘explosion’ and ‘explanation’. Explanosion? Good enough.

With a game as ambitious in scope, at least when it comes to general destruction and callous disregard for mother nature, Just cause 4 needs a lot of work to accomplish its goals. As the devs explain the Apex engine must be capable of holding all of that sweet stuff together—from calamitous whether, through dynamic AI to grand explosions.

You know as much as I love the concept I can’t help but feel Just Cause is trying to upstage itself to an absurd degree. I mean Rico can now control weather and ride tornados like he was Storm from Xmen. While this is impressive I have to wonder, how could Just Cause 5 top that? Nuclear Explosions?

Well… I think certain Todd Howard has us covered on that. But here’s an idea: nuclear tornados. How’s that for rad?