The new time-limited special event, Metal Rain, in PUBG this week features armor-clad trucks falling from the skies to be used in battle.

It’s not as crazy as it sounds (regrettably). Hidden throughout Erangel will be flare guns which can be used in one of two ways: used inside the safe-zone, they will cause care-packages to drop, while used outside, will cause the aforementioned Metal Rain. Of course you technically could just use the flare guns on other players and no doubt somebody is going to win the round that way, but at least on paper you’re not supposed to.

Flare gun placement is going to be randomized, so gaming the mode by memorizing the spawn locations is out of the question, but between a squad o 8 and creative usage of flare guns, the mode should still be entertaining enough. Though wait, doesn’t Fortnite feature a bulky, flying vehicle? Huh, what a curious coincidence.

It’s already live now and will be through the weekend.