Great news for many thirty year olds out there.

It is true, though. Kalypso, the studio responsible for giving us years of El Presidenting in the classic and very much alive Tropico franchise has acquired the rights to the Commandos series. Given that the last game in the series launched twelve years ago, and the last PROPER game in the series is now fifteen years old, this news may turn out to be interesting mostly to people who are pretty close to being thirty years old.

See, Commandos used to be a fantastic, and occasionally hard as heck, tactical game of wartime espionage and sabotage, presented to us in a pretty isometric camera floating over a very detailed map, a concept later adopted by Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive. The franchise has been kind of dead for over a decade, however, until now, apparently. And reportedly Kalypso are actually going to do something about it.

(…) we see it as our responsibility to want to revive and further develop these beloved games for the fans around the world. Of course, this will include the development of a completely new games for all platforms, but also an extensive adaptation of the existing titles for contemporary technologies and platforms.

You can read the full announcement HERE.