Kingdom Come: Deliverance, while mired by some issues, is a really fun little game, with a quite inspiring development story. As such it warms my heart to see it thrive.

A month ago we’ve written about the development road-map for Kingdom Come and its upcoming DLCs. The very first one on that list is releasing today and it came with a nice little launch trailer, narrated by one of the developers.

From Ashes integrates seamlessly into the story of the game, by picking up after one of the quests in the game, involving a certain bandit and a destroyed village. As the name suggests, after defeating the bandit and his men, you’ll be given the village as a reward and can subsequently grow it into a cozy little town.

Interestingly, staying true to the rather brutal nature of Kingdom Come, you can actually mess it up completely and lose the village for good if the people of it don’t like you or if you can’t manage it well enough for it to become self-sustaining. But presumably that would require you to be inhumanly incompetent so it might be something you need to actively work for to achieve.

I’m curious as to how this fits with the balance of the game. Having access to technically infinite source of money and places where you can train your abilities ad nauseum could really trivialize later stages of the game, but honestly it’s like that’s not the case without the DLC.

In any case, good on Warhorse, I hope this one is good. The response from the players so far seems largely positive. Still cautiously optimistic about Woman’s Lot DLC. Given the lead developer’s… Twitter history, it could go terribly wrong.