Ah, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. You know, I’ve actually started with that game in a way. It was a review that shall never see the light of day, but I’m still proud of it. And I very much enjoyed Kingdom Come.

Kingdom Come Deliverence development road-map

And now the Czech developers have revealed the entire development road-map for the game. Some of the content seen above is free (Hardcore Mode, Making Of, Tournaments, Combat Academy and Modding Support) while the rest are full-fledged story DLCs, which will be free for the Kickstarter backers no less.

No dates are given, but the road-map gives us an idea of when they’re going to come out and  it looks like we’ll be able to enjoy the story DLCs before the end of the year 2018. Sweet. The first one, From Ashes definitely sounds cool- you get build up and maintain your own village. I’m also very interested in the “Woman’s Lot” DLC because it can either go really good or absolutely terribly. My money’s on the latter, but I’m still probably gonna give it a shot. That is unless the developer goes on another unhinged Twitter rant.

For what’s it worth, I had fun with Kingdom Come. Even though it apparently went to the Witcher 3 school of horse physics design. You know what I’m talking about.