While THQ acquiring rights to Kingdoms of Amalur has been received very positively, you may dial the hopes for the remaster down a notch.

kingdoms of amalur

As it turns out, EA still has the publishing rights to Kingdoms of Amalur. To be specific here, that means that specific game can only be published by them and a remaster is technically still the same intellectual property. To be clear, this doesn’t mean THQ Nordic can’t release a new game under the banner, only that specific game is exempt.

Of fourse it doesn’t mean the remaster is impossible, it just means THQ would have to work with EA to make it happen. I will not begin to speculate how that cooperation would look like. Presumably it would involve loot boxes.

We also don’t know what is the meaning behind THQ acquiring the IP rights to Kingdoms, but not acquiring publishing rights. It could be a plethora of different factors. Maybe they’re just no interested in a remaster this time? Or maybe they actually want to work with EA on publishing a big MMO. The latter is probably a scary idea to you, but to me it’s kind of exciting.

Time shall tell.