If you’re the kind of gamer that enjoys casual slaughter of scores of enemies every now and then, you might already be familiar with the Dynasty Warriors franchise, because, honestly, killcount going into hundreds is the single most distinctive thing you can see on most gameplay videos at first glance, despite the depth of systems beneath that surface.

With Dynasty Warriors 9 launching on February 13 this year, it’s high time we got a look at the intro. It features, perhaps unsurprisingly, the dashing spearman Zhao Yun.

There is a somewhat bizarre blend of a Sailor Moon transofmration and Tony Stark suiting up. No idea why, it’s just there, existing. Then Zhao Yun, the smashing warrior that he is, rains from the heavens themselves like he’s been reading too much Stormlight Archive.

Jokes aside, the intro looks neat, and with a bunch of new features the game itself might attract people who were dismissive of previous entries.

Also: later this year Omega Force will also give us a sequel to their last spin-off game: Attack on Titan. A good year for fans of their games, it seems.