You’ve got to love the names of these Elder Dragons. They don’t make much sense, but sound great!

If you’re a Monster Hunter World player who chooses to hunt the big scaly bastards on your trusty PC, you have quite a way to go before catching to all the stuff the console folk has already moved on from. Case in point: certain dragon hunts!

An Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth (just say it out loud, it’s pure beuty) has been defeated time an again in April by the hunters of Xbox and PS, but seems to be doing just fine enough to pester the PC, offer new materials, and force everyone to figure out how to get a piece of it. It even has a snazzy trailer, as befits a beast of such pedigree. It’s from the console launch, but still.

Look at the bloody thing! Golden tint, fearsome horns, the size of it all. This the Smaug we deserve, just get him wings and done!

Anyway, hunting Kulve will be a affair for up to 16 players (four teams of four, technically, in the Gathering Hub). There will also be two new armour sets, some new Relic-grade weapons, and a new Special Investigation. Tons of good stuff.

Kulve Taroth will invade your Monster Hunter World on November 2nd, and will keep prancing around until November 15th.