Recanting the famous poem by American author Emily Dickinson, Lara provides valuable narration to her incoming exploits.

You’ve done did it, din’t you girl? You just HAD TO take the shiny thing from the pedestal. Now we’re all going to die because of your sticky fingers, young lady. We are certainly not amused.

In all seriousness, the poem is a very nice touch. If you’re wondering, it’s about the heroin’s journey in the afterlife and polite acceptance of death. The speaker recognizes her legacy that she left behind. For this reason it is very fitting for Lara to recite this poem specifically. After all, she has left quite the gaming legacy behind her. I love when games are trying to be cute.

There’s also some story tidbits and general theme seems to be that everyone is very, very angry with Lara. I mean I don’t blame them, I’d be angry at the person who caused the apocalypse too. Some more integral characters have been shown as well, but for the most part, it’s Lara being badass and dodging death at every opportunity.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is out just in a couple of days (September 14th), so get ready for some hardcore tomb raiding action folks!