Dead Cells aren’t dead by any applicable measure.

If you haven’t heard of Dead Cells before, all you should now right now is that it’s somewhere in-between being a Metroidvania and a roguelite. Set largely in the sewers/dungeons of some godforsaken city it takes on a thrilling and probably a little bit stinky journey of collecting loot, killing enemies, and being killed by enemies only to start over. Such is life.

It had five large updates along the way, and now the sixth one has come, the last before Dead Cells becomes fully grown and throw out the Early Access wheels to ride with the big guys.

What does the new update bring? A new level, The Castle, some balance tweaks, changes to how combo cancelling works, a plethora of bug fixes, some UI improvements. A good, solid update all around. You can read the full patchnotes here, in the official release.

Dead Cells leaves Early Access later this year, probably not too far off.