Get your rat traps out, folks.

Despite the looming launch of Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide 2, the developer Fatshark launched one last update to the Left 4 Dead-alike themed around Games Workshop’s popular Warhammer Fantasy setting. It’s not only supposed to bring a certain closure to the three years players have spent with the game, but also help them transition neatly into whatever the sequel is about to bring (presumably: death, destruction, spiky armor, and whispers of Chaos).

Called Waylaid, the update has one last task from Lohmer, the regular questgiver. The task is story-intensive, best seen on one’s own, because spoilers,

Aside from the new task, the patch offers a bunch of minor tweaks and fixes, but nothing particularly fascinating. The full notes can be read at Steam community forums, if that’s your fancy.