There is still a lot planned for the game’s future.

A classic tale of a video published to soon, taken down, but nevertheless intercepted by the community and disected for information. Big thanks to YouTuber IAMJarni for getting his hands on some Call of Duty: WWII info.


Apparently, we’re going to get some of the favorite game modes from previous installments of the series including Demolition, Control, Infected and Gun Game. These will definitely bring some variety to what’s happening on the battlefield.

The video also shows some new weapons, which will surely speak to players remembering Call of Duty’s older ventures to the World War II theater, among them the Sten and the Gewehr 43.

The clip is, of course, being taken down by Activision from wherever they can find it, but the discussion on reddit should fill all your information needs.

There’s no sign as to when the content might appear within the game.