You know, at this point I think Blizzard should just stop making games and become a film-making company. You know they could easily topple Dreamworks.

The proof of which comes this time in a 7 minute short about D.Va, starting with honestly the worst dialogue I’ve heard in my life. Seriously, the exposition is so heavy it has a gravitational weight to itself. I was half-expecting to hear a laugh track bust out in the middle of that conversation. But at least the dorritos and mountain dew is confirmed? That’s something.

Also, the robots have tentacles. Because of course they do. And there’s some confusion here so to clarify: no, her friends don’t die, their meks just got damaged, unfortunately. Now I say unfortunately because there was that other piece of landmark media about teenagers piloting mech suits to fight a monstrous, transcendental threat that really dark. Can’t remember the name right now, but I wouldn’t mind Overwatch aping it a little bit more.

The release of the short coincides with the Busan map going in for testing right now and Overwatch receiving another free weekend round. At this point I half expect the game to go free-to-play by next month.