This time you’ll learn more about the world of the upcoming 4 vs 1 game.

Raiders of the Broken Planet is currently in a closed beta. The game offers unique action gameplay that’s described as a form of asymmetrical multiplayer – four players fight with hordes of enemies, where one additional user takes on the role of the Antagonist.

Below you will find some synopsis, as well as the second part of the video developer diary that introduces you to the backstory of the Raiders of the Broken Planet’s universe:

In one of the moons of Saturn, a scientific expedition from earth discovers the remains of a space ship stranded millions of years ago. The explorers enter the ruins and discover Aleph, an incredible power source that is the key to interstellar travel. Motivated by private interest and corporate greed, the organisation sends a group of paramilitary factions to the Broken Planet. On arrival, an accident renders the paramilitaries technology useless and the factions begin a battle for supremacy, Aleph and the alien technology that can return them back to earth.