Recently, the upcoming souls-esque Hack & Slash game by Namco Bandai, Code Vein, released its second gameplay teaser. It’s painfully short, but sweet nonetheless.

The game caught my personal attention the moment it was initially announced, as personally, even after completing Dark Souls 3 with all its DLCs multiple time, I’m craving more. You could say that there is a… Hole. Somewhere in my chest area. A hole that begs to be filled. With souls (-like titles).

I’m laying it pretty thick, but the point is… I like Souls. And Code Vein looks very much like Souls, the combat is methodical and geared towards learning attack patterns of enemies, conserving your stamina bar and juggling between defensive dodges and parries and going in for the kill. You can also of course summon a jolly cooperator to help you out (whether DS-style invasions are also a thing remains to be seen).

Although admittedly, the enemies seem dull and slow compared to the faster and more aggressive enemies found in Bloodborne and later stages of Dark Souls III (I dunno, maybe I’m just too good at Dark Souls at this point).

Either way, as an avid fan of Souls, vampires AND anime, I have high expectations for this one. One hopes they understand that what made Dark Souls so great isn’t actually combat, but level-design. Don’t disappoint me Namco.