With a new, cool trailer to boot. It involves two Mexican teens on the run and a police shooting, so you know, we’re going places.

We’re getting a tale of brotherhood and characters growing together as people. Fantastic, putting in a character that will change based on what you teach them and who contextualizes your struggles is good, tried and tested tactic. After all, TellTale made an acclaimed series out of that idea.

Presumably, the option to rewind time is no longer here, unless it makes a return purely as a gameplay mechanic, although I’m pretty sure folks at Dontnod would be able to work it with the narrative somehow. Something about quantum physics perhaps? That’s always topical, right?

I know it sounds like I’m snidely going through a list of cliches, but I honestly have high hopes for the game. I liked that cool bit of representation. But there’s a lot to like here and whether the devs will attempt to deconstruct the genre again, or if they’ll stick to what we already know they’re good at, this one I’m being optimistic of.

The first episode of the game will release on September 27th.