There’s a new difficulty, leaderboards are added to the Dark Zone, and your Gear Sets will behave differently.

No specific date was given for the release of The Division’s next big update. Patch 1.6 should be available before the winter’s end, however. It will release alongside the third expansion, Last Stand. As we already informed, three new zones (DZ07-09) will be added to the Dark Zone. A new form of missions – Contamination events – will appear and you will be tasked to quickly eliminate the Cleaners… but without virus filters at your disposal.

Leaderboards are also being added to the Dark Zone and they will track various forms of activities, both PvP and PvE. A new difficulty (Legendary) will be added to three missions – Times Square, WarrenGate Power Plant and Napalm Production Site. This time the change of difficulty will transform the enemies as well, with more advanced LMB soldiers to oppose you.

There are also some changes in Gear Sets, armor and resistance rules, and skills in general. If we would like to summarize it all, it would be best to quote a ton of text. Instead, if interested, we’ll direct you to the developers’ official blog post.