After some time of silence we now know what to expect in the coming months.

The creator of The Long Dark wasn’t too talkative in the recent months. But thanks to the update published on the game’s website we now know when Steam Early Access / Game Preview period ends and what to expect next.

The game will leave both those early access services on August 1st. On this date the first two episodes of a five-part Story Mode titled Wintermute will be available. Further three chapters will be released in the further part of 2017 and in 2018. Below you will find a teaser for this story:

It should take around six to ten hours to finish these two episodes. For the first time The Long Dark will be available on PlayStation 4 as well, as there is no preview service on Sony’s console. The 1.0 version of the game will release on PS4 simultaneously with the PC and Xbox One launch.

Apart from managing the final release and the Story Mode, developers have much more to do. An overhauled save system will be implemented, a completely new UI & HUD will be released, there will be some gameplay elements that allow cartography, and there are tons of other additions and changes, all described in the mentioned blog post.