If you were planning on stopping taking your meds after UFO defense, don’t do that.

The mods for original XCOM: Enemy Unknown were numerous, but only few reached a cult following. One of them is the Long War mod, which expanded and added mechanics to the game. People playing this add-on had to fight aliens conducting their own research, while being able to deploy more soldiers with additional classes.

The original Long War mod had a lot of more features, some of which became a pillar for XCOM 2’s mechanics. Now the sequel to the mod, Long War 2 is coming, as officially announced via Steam Community.

It’s worth noting that the team behind the Long War 2 was renamed from Long War Studios to Pavonis Interactive. Firaxis hired them to prepare some starting mods including Alien Pack and Perk and Laser Pack. Further details will be revealed in the future and I think I should save around additional 100 hours for XCOM 2