Fighting with the aliens has just become harder than ever… and we love it!

Well, that was quick. After the original announcement and small teases we expected that XCOM 2’s Long War 2 mod will debut later this year. Surprise, it’s already available for all of you who decided to play on PC – simply visit the Steam Workshop to download it.

Long War 2 is an impressive mod that includes total overhaul of the strategy layer, with new classes (e.g. the Technical, using Gauntlet with flamethrower or rocket launcher), new weapons (coilguns, lasers) and other fascinating changes. All those additions are aimed to make XCOM 2 an even more complex game.

As we read in the official description, the result of adding Long War 2 is a “much longer campaign, running for 100 to 120 missions on average”. You can read a lengthy Q&A with John Lumpkin, the mod’s creator, on game’s official site.