Last week we’ve told you about the befuddling mix-up of Canadian Walmart, releasing a list of games we can expect to see at E3. Bethesda of all people decided to play cheeky with it.

Above you can see what can only be described as a joke on Walmart’s expense, presented completely ironically. Of note is also that the very first commenter is none other than Nibel, who you may remember from the whole Sam Fischer in Ghost Recon thing. Small world huh?

In any case, this is something of a follow-up to this tweet, in which Bethesda first jokingly tackled the situation, after releasing cryptic hints about the upcoming Rage 2. It seems that we can expect the announcement for Rage 2 later today (when it happens we can all act surprised out of courtesy).

It’s good to see that they’re having fun with their post-apocalyptic shooter. Seeing as Serious Sam is coming back and Tales from Borderlands are done, there is a space for Mad Max-esque game to be filled here.