Who needs Project Scorpio, when you can sell your kidney for four GTX TITAN Xp?

4K is the newest grand feature in not-that-modern hardware. PlayStation 4 Pro offers it, and so will Project Scorpio (with the addition of “true”). And while many regions of Earth are still far from getting 4K TVs, it’s worth seeing what the future of gaming might look like.

Below you will find a video that presents The Witcher 3 played on PC with 8K and 60 FPS enabled. To achieve this YouTuber Thirty IR used 8K Dell UP3218K monitor, four GeForce GTX TITAN Xp GPUs, Intel i7 6950X CPU clocked at 4.30GHz and a total of 64GB of RAM.

And now, let’s just expect 60 FPS from the upcoming titles, especially shooters, okay?