No rage quitting with additional penalties and background music, because why not?

There’s a huge update planned for today for Street Fighter V. First of all, there’s a selection of Holiday items including Ryu’s B-Boy and Chun-Li’s B-Girl. There’s even a full Holiday bundle priced $19.99 if you are here for vanity items. As we previously informed, Akuma is also joining the hero roster.


The list of changes is long and includes improvements in the Rage Quit System, controller support and fighter profiles. Here’s the official description:

Direct Input controller support

We are happy to announce that Street Fighter V on Steam now officially supports Direct Input controllers. You’ll find this in the Other Settings section of Options.

Background Music Select

In Battle Settings, you’ll now be able to select your preferred music in Training and Versus Modes as well as Casual and Ranked matches.

Fighter Profile Radar Charts

Additional updates and fixes have been implemented into Fighter Profiles.

Updated Rage Quit System

The current Rage Quit System has resulted in a significant decrease in rage quitting. That said, we always planned to take this one step further and are ready to further address the issue with this update. In addition to losing League Points and being locked out of online matchmaking for a set time, the following additions have been made to the system:

– Matchmaking Update – Players who frequently disconnect during matches will now be more likely to be matched up with other players who exhibit similar behavior. The same applies for honorable players who rarely, if ever disconnect; they will be matched up with similar players. – Player Profile Icons – The worst offenders and the most honorable players will also have a special icon displayed on their Fighter Profiles. – League Points Deduction – Anytime a player disconnects during a match, their League Points will be deducted as if it was a loss.

You can read the full blog post on Capcom-Unity. There’s even a PDF document with character changes listed.