The Morrowind expansion is only a part of a full content schedule.

Yesterday we informed you about the Morrowind expansion scheduled to release in June. But there are much greater plans for The Elder Scrolls Online content updates. In February players will receive a Homestead add-on that introduces a player housing system.

The upcoming updates that are not level-based will be called Chapters. The difference in comparison with other MMOs is that they are not restricted to specific players and Morrowind is the first of a series of Chapters planned for ESO. Developers want is to deliver one Chapter per year. Here’s an important comment:

Each Chapter will be available at retail complete with new box art and packaging. It will contain the Chapter and will include the original game. All standard DLC will still be purchased from the Crown Store or be available to ESO Plus members as part of the subscription, but new Chapter content is available only via retail (including digital retail) game or upgrade purchase if you already own ESO.

What’s interesting is the new yearly schedule. You can expect a new DLC in every Q1, the next Chapter in Q2, a dungeon-based DLC in Q3 and another content DLC in Q4.