The red-caped Devil himself will grace Astera in just two days and he’s going be quite busy fighting old and new foes alike, with a new Elder Dragon coming to make his acquaintance.

Fresh off the Spooktober Harvest Festival, Monster Hunter World doesn’t seem nearly done with events. The previously announced limited event featuring Dante of Devil May Cry’s fame is coming in just 2 days. I hope you’re ready and managed to hunt down the Legendary Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth (it will NEVER get boring to say that name), as that event is ending just tomorrow. If you haven’t done so already, that’s your last chance, if for no other reason than to obtain the fantastically cute and stylish golden, furry coat armor for your Palico companion.

The Devil May Cry collab event will last until November 29th. During that time you can acquire Dante’s stylish, red jacket, his sword (functioning as a charged blade) and the gunslinger emote, just so you can show off (what would be the point of cosplaying Dante if you couldn’t do that?).

Before the event ends, a new member of family is scheduled to join us, the Elder Dragon Lunastra will grace us with her immaculate presence on November 22nd. Don’t let her beauty fool you, Lunastra is a fierce companion to the fire dragon Teostra and she will do anything to protect her mate. While it feels slightly bad to interrupt such a lovely couple on their honeymoon, daddy needs a new pair of blue shoes.

It has been fantastic 3 months for the PC release of Monster Hunter World (the announcement of the licensed movie not withstanding) all in all. These events have already happened on the PS4 so it’s only fair for Capcom to give them to PC players now, but the timing is very expedient, almost unlike Capcom (especially once you realize that we had to wait a decade for the new Devil May Cry game).

The publisher was also very generous in terms of patches, continuously tweaking the game, which had something of a rocky start on PC due to (quite common for Japanese games, I might add) bugs causing memory issues and frequent crashes. The game certainly runs much better now and some new possibilities, like the vignette option allowing more advanced tweaking of the shaders, are going to be added in the Lunastra update.

With that I leave you, you don’t want to be reading this, you want to be hunting monsters! Good hunting, go get ’em tiger!