House Flipping is a technique whereby one buys an old, decrepit house cheap, renovates it for little investment and then sells it for fat stacks of real-estate money. You wouldn’t think this makes for an engaging game, but it actually kind of does.

House Flipper is a charming little simulator game where you do exactly what is advertised- flip houses. The extent to which you can engage with the process is actually quite extensive- from cleaning and painting to assembling radiators (there’s a lot of radiators involved) and breaking up walls.

The game gets progressively more and more complex, with more nuanced ways in which more pricey houses need to be “flipped”. You start out by cleaning and assembling an occasional radiator (a looot of radiators) to getting completely lost in figuring out power-lines and painting extraordinary patterns on the walls.

House Flipper straddles this line of, similar to Subnautica, being an extremely chill and relaxing game that you just end up sinking way too much time into. It has finally escaped the clutches of Early Access and I heartily recommend you try it.