Image credit: Slavic Magic

Manor Lords is almost here, and as of January this year, the game accumulated 2 million wishlists on Steam. Well, that impressive number keeps growing!

Manor Lords is an extremely realistic medieval city-builder made by one person – Greg Styczeń known also as Slavic Magic. The Polish developer worked on his creation for several years to rise as one of the most recognizable names in the gaming industry. As of April 2024, the title reached 3 million wishlists on Steam – four days before the official launch!

To make things even more exciting, this isn’t even an official release. April 26, 2024, ML launches in early access, and the final release date is yet unknown. However, via constant contact with fans, Slavic Magic unraveled enough information about the gameplay to make it one of the most anticipated titles of this year. As a result, ML beat other games in popularity on Steam wishlists the day before the big launch, surpassing even the highly anticipated Hades 2, Hollow Knight: Silksong, and Frostpunk 2.

What can we expect? As the developer says: ‘Manor Lords is not a Total War competitor. It’s a citybuilder with battles. Yes, battles are there, but not as huge or as frequent as some of you might expect.‘ Sounds like fun! We would also like to add the video game allows its players to decide on all the city’s development aspects, putting them in the shoes of a born medieval leader. The title runs on Unreal Engine, offering an unimaginably realistic experience, and launches on April 26, 2024, on Steam, GOG, and PC Game Pass.