It’s a good sign, full transparency goes a long way in defusing the more critical elements of those looking at Anthem with narrowed eyes.

As we speak Mark Darrah is doing a Titter campaign of sorts. People ask him things about Anthem and he answers. This being a Q & A session, he picks short and concise questions for short, preferably yes/no answers so if you want to ask a question don’t write a novel alright?

Nothing ground-breaking has been given so far, mostly just further clarifications about the game. For example, we know that you’ll gain access to more Javelin types as you progress through the game, but depending on your preference no type is supposed to be strictly “superior” to others. We know that there’s no “new game +” to speak of. We know that Anthem is best experienced with friends, especially the end game content. And, for all those who were whining that the damage number pop-ups are too distracting—you can scale them down if you want.

Slightly worrying is the fact that so far Mark didn’t answer a single question pertaining to the world, the story or the characters in Anthem. A Dragon Age this is certainly not.