Deadpool is the latest addition to Marvel Powers VR roster and he looks as fun as always. Take a look at the video:

Marvel Powers VR is a project developed by Sanzaru Games, a studio primarily known for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The game is being financed by Oculus, so next year’s premiere is likely to only include the Rift (now at a lower price than ever).

The idea behind the title is to enable the player to step into the shoes of a chosen marvel super hero and unleash your powers on foes in bunches. The Deadpool trailer clearly shows that his individual worldview will be preserved with snarky comments and comic book aesthetics abound.

All other already announced characters are set to have a similar individual treatment so the likes of Hulk, Rocket Raccoon or Captain Marvel will all be a different experience with different move sets activated by Oculus’s motion controls.