But even though you can create a much prettier Ryder, the biggest thing is the additional romance option for male protagonist.

It’s been awhile since we had a chance to write about Mass Effect Andromeda. BioWare was silent for a few days, but now we know the reason as a new patch was released. Finally a much requested update to the character creator is implemented and you can modify your Ryder.

If you are somewhere in the middle of your playthrough, fear not – you can use a special option aboard the Tempest to edit the looks of your hero. If you are playing a male Ryder, you’ll surely appreciate the additional romance option, as he is now able to “communicate” in a much closer way with Jaal. This gives a chance to do the achievement/trophy for three romances in a single playthrough.

You will find a full list of changes in BioWare’s blog post.