Rumors concerning two new Operators being introduced in Operation Grim Sky have been circulating for a while, but now, at GamesCom, we finally got a proper reveal.

Some time ago people started diving into the files in the game’s newest patch released in preparation for Grim Sky and managed to uncover some interesting things. Among them the name for then unnamed new American Operator. And now his name is official, it’s Maverick.

Maverick’s weapon of choice is a blow-torch, which he uses to create “murder holes”—thin lines in the walls he can use to snipe opponents with. This highlights one of the more interesting aspect of Rainbow Siege, the emphasis on spatial awareness and map navigation. It’s currently unknown if Maverick can cut into any wall or only some of them, but people are already speculating about good clutch points to snipe people from.

Further information, including the rest of his repertoire of gadgets, will be revealed as we go along into GamesCom, Paris Championship and Operation Grim Sky.