Hey gang, here’s another trailer to re-watch six hundred times for you!

My Japanese isn’t good enough to understand everything in the trailer, but if I’m getting it right, it’s mostly platitudes about death and dying. But gameplay-wise, the trailer is jam-packed full of content. So much so that analyzing all the minutia of it would take ages (which is why I’m leaving it to Vaati. You know what to do, tiger).

The big thing here are of course the bosses. Big, angry monkey aside, the other two seem incredibly imaginative, with the knife-wielding assassin balancing on wires being quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in Souls. The hulking glaive warrior with shadow clones is also quite exciting, although I know how much of a nightmare this can be (I remember Mergo’s Wet Nurse, Miyazaki, you’re not fooling me again).

Bare in mind, Sekiro is long ways away. It is also a From Soft tradition to change things during development and cut a lot of the content (like sculpting a perfect ice sculpture). It will be interesting to see how things change between now and the March 2019 release.