A new entry to the popular post-apo shooter series about Russian survivors hiding in the vastness of the Moscow underground system goes big.

Well, that was quite surprising. We’ve all thought that Microsoft will start its game lineup presentation during their conference with some of their beloved IPs, but actually, it was Metro: Exodus that was first. Here’s the reveal trailer with:

Metro: Exodus is developed by the 4A Games studio and as you’ve seen in the trailer, it will allow the players to finally explore the world outside of the Moscow underground tunnel system. Artyom, the protagonist of the series, will lead a team of Spartan Rangers on a “continent-spanning journey” across the devastated territory of Russia. The big twist, however, comes with the direction they are going. They will be heading east, searching for a new life.

The new installment in the popular series will shake off the design of the previous games, introducing non-linear, vast landscapes, a night and day cycle and more survival elements. And there’s a train, called the Aurora, packed with survivors and friends, not all of whom will see the end of the journey. Prepare to make some hard choices. Here are a couple of images from the game, to sooth your worrying soul.

Metro: Exodus will launch in 2018 on PCs, PlayStations 4 and Xboxes One.