If the game isn’t as good as you expected it to be, you will be able to get a refund.

An appearance of a highly requested feature has been reported by the participants of the Xbox One’s Insider Program. It’s called Self-Service Refunds and as you can expect, it grants users the option to cancel their purchase decision of digital goodies.

There are some restrictions: you have only 14 days after the initial purchase and you can’t have more than 2 hours of play time. Other requirements look as follows:

  • DLC, season passes, and add-ons are not eligible for self-service refunds
  • The game or app must be downloaded and launched before requesting a self-service refund
  • You must wait for at least 1 day after the game or app’s release before requesting a self-service refund
  • Certain Windows 10 apps may not be eligible for self-service refunds
  • Microsoft reserves the right to block access for users who abuse self-service refunds

It’s a feature of Microsoft Store, so the Self-Service Refunds work both for Xbox One and Windows 10 purchases.