Well, it wasn’t long since the original service was launched.

If you follow the recent updates for Xbox One and Windows 10, you surely are familiar with the name “Beam.” It’s quite an impressive technology that allows streaming almost without any delay. Unfortunately, the name has changed even before we could get used to the service.

On the other hand, it’s easy to understand. Microsoft had problems with “Beam” in selected regions and now the platform is relaunched as “Mixer.” With this change, some interesting new features are introduced.

The major feature is Co-Streaming that allows up to four users to combine their work and offer a single viewer experience. It allows split-screen with a unified chat for users, and there’s even the possibility of streaming different games at the same time.

The second big thing is the Mixer Create, a mobile app that allows you to stream images from your camera directly into your channel on Mixer. It’s currently in beta state and soon should be expanded with the option to stream your mobile gameplay as well. There are also other interesting changes and additions, and you can learn about them on Mixer’s blog.