And it was actually pretty darn good. Refreshingly so, after the rocky start that was EA’s conference.

We were greeted by the intriguing and charming platformer Ori, looking very reminiscent of Dust: an Elysian Tale. Then FromSoftware finally revealed what they’ve been working on. We now know it’s a new IP named Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, and it looks like it will continue FromSoft’s legacy of soulsborne titles.

Quite spectacularly the presentation was interrupted by Todd Howard of Bethesda. Always a showman Todd did the best Kanye impression by interrupting the conference to talk about Fallout 76. He couldn’t even wait for his own conference, that’s how excited he was. And you should be too, Fallout 76 certainly looks interesting.

Then we saw what the folks from Life is Strange were working on- The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a story not directly tied to Life is Strange, but happening in the same universe. And seeing how this seems to be another coming of age story with a young protagonist… This is bound to become insane, heartbreaking and completely overtaking by the end. I cannot wait.

Then we got a trailer for 2-years over due Crackdown 3, seemingly relying solely on the personality of Commander Jaxon. I mean don’t get me wrong, but the Old Spice commercial vibe doesn’t really do it for me.

After a short intermission on Nier Automata (I was happy to see it at E3, it’s a criminally unrecognized great game) we got a new trailer for Metro Exodus and good lord was it good. Absolutely amazing- gritty, claustrophobic, heavy and cold. I haven’t seen a trailer that so well captures the very essence of the work as this one did.

Next up, we’re finally getting a new Kingdom Hearts! I don’t blame you for being utterly confused now, it’s a strange series of video games. Best I can describe it, it’s like a fanfiction crossover of a shonen anime and… Disney. It’s a wide mix of genres from a fighting game to a puzzle platformer. It looks and sounds utterly bizarre but I have it on good authority that it’s actually a series of solid video games that has a big and and excited audience. So good for you Kingdom Hearts fans.

We then got an update from the Sea of Thieves showcasing the upcoming add-ons, Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores. Yes, more Sea of Thieves please, we need more content for that game, certainly.

Next up, a short presentation on Forza Horizon 4. Not exactly my cup of tea but looks interesting enough, with changing seasons and an open world. People interested in simulated driving experience can certainly look forward to this one.

We then saw a new trailer for We Happy Few, a game sitting in development hell for years, started out as an Indie title before getting scooped by Microsoft in a quite controversial move. It’s a game that generated a lot of attention, but whether the final release is actually good or not would require a lengthier discussion.

And then there was PUBG. Yup. That’s absolutely all I have to say about it.

Next, a new trailer and gameplay footage of the Division 2, marking the return of weirdly scripted conversations of “real players” during a coop game. Can we like… Stop doing that? Nobody’s buying that this is real, there’s not enough 9-year olds screaming and not nearly enough sexist harassment.

Folks… This is already getting way too long. I’m gonna have to break this into 2 parts. So wait for that and in the meantime I’m gonna leave you with the new Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer. Cheers.